Auour Investments LLC Wins Two Awards for ETF-Based Investment Strategies

Auour recognized by i-invest for innovation and forward-thinking in construction of downside protection and ETF-based strategies.

July 25, 2016: Auour Investments LLC ( announced today that the company has been presented with the title of Most Forward-Thinking Institutional ETF Manager – USA and the Award for Innovation in Downside Protection: Instinct Family of Funds by i-invest in its annual ETF awards, which underscores the effort made by firms across the global industry.

Serving over 150,000 global subscribers, i-invest’s publications address the institutional investment industry and the significant issues it faces. The platform includes commentary and debates led by prominent leaders in the finance industry with the intent of bringing best practices and innovative thought to investment management.

Robert Kuftinec, Managing Principal, said that Auour is grateful for the recognition. “We are honored to have been selected for these awards. Our mission since our founding has been to bring over 60 years of combined institutional experience to the world of downside protection. It is humbling to have i-invest recognize the advancement we have brought to the space,” he said.

Auour’s approach leverages decades of quantitative research and real world observations to deploy a multi factor model that defines various market environments and dynamically allocates assets in each environment. Ken Doerr, Managing Principal and Head of Quantitative Research, explains, “We believe that we approach the problem of downside protection from a new perspective. Incorporating information from various world markets and asset classes provides us the opportunity to detect the market’s willingness to reward risk taking. We believe this approach lowers the costs of downside protection without the need to sacrifice participation in rising markets. ”

Auour’s success at the 2016 ETF Awards reinforces the company’s integral characteristics: innovation in investing, a focus on downside protection, and a commitment to leading edge strategies, according to Joe Hosler, Managing Principal. “We have prided ourselves on bringing our experience to improving the investment process for advisers looking for downside protection strategies within the ETF industry. The artful blending of fundamental principles with rigorous quantitative algorithms is something we are proud of and happy to have others recognize,” he said.

Founded in 2013 to deliver institutional quality investment services to individuals, institutions and financial advisors, Auour’s investment philosophy is to focus on the facets of investing that are shown to impact performance the most. These factors are market participation, asset allocation, and expense reduction. Research suggests that market participation and asset allocation account for approximately 90% of the variability in investment returns. Auour combines this knowledge with efficient investment vehicles readily available to all investors to provide a unique ETF- based investment process.

Auour makes these innovative strategies available directly to its clients and through a network of third party financial advisors. For those interested in learning more about the analytical processes used or how to offer these solutions, contact us for additional information.

About Auour Investments LLC

Auour Investment (pronounced ‘our’), an SEC-registered investment advisor, offers individuals, institutions, and financial advisors a range of investment strategies delivered through ETF-based portfolio construction techniques. Auour’s mission is to maximize Transparency, Trust, and Total Return by applying over five decades of collective experience within leading financial institutions.